by Rational Anthem

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    2013 full-length "Whatevermind"
    Split-released by Bloated Kat, Rad Girlfriend, Kiss of Death, and John Wilkes Booth Records.

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Second full-length album.


released June 5, 2013

Recorded by Matt Finch at Black Bear Studios in Gainesville, FL in February 2013.
Released by Rad Girlfriend, Kiss of Death, John WIlkes Booth, and Bloated Kat Records.
Art by Bill Pinkel.
Liner notes by Sammy thrashLife.


all rights reserved



Rational Anthem Iowa City, Iowa

Pop Punk born in Florida, Midwest living.


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Track Name: NINailed It
running out of gas out of depressing things to say
what am i supposed to do when every day still feels the same?
though I know I'm not alone in fucking up
foggy memories still make the deepest cut
would it be just the same if I sunk in to a couch?
the screen eats my brain, tapes up my fucking mouth
despite the aching to turn the hands of time
I stare at the floor, stand in crowds so I can hide
just peel myself off the ground and pour a glass of help
inching further and further forward, stash these feelings on a shelf

plans they fall apart, forfeit through false starts
replacing missing parts
I'm always waiting

my minds doing laps, the faults flood through my head
try to let go of explanations left unsaid
leave the guilt to smolder in a cloud of dust
keep on moving so this pipe dream doesn't bust
a little bit of light sometimes shines right through the cracks
lights a spark under my ass, ill wipe these footprints off my back

what would it take for these mistakes just do die?
a bed i make for my own sake
just to by some time
Track Name: Darnit
wake up 8 hours await me
when I take off fight traffic to my shitty job
wore out my feet hit the pavement till they give out
count it in cuz it never ends

make my way home
check mail unexpected bills
no exit crack a smile but the truth in my eyes reflects
I can close my ears and plug my ears
it wont help
ill fuck this up again so laugh it off

I can curse and spite the day
try to daydream and drift away
it doesn't really matter im still fucked
when tomorrow keeps showing up
tomorrow keeps showin up
and the next day and the next day...
Track Name: First World Complaints
No more options can't hit restart
as I talk to myself in the dark
wheels spinning repeated
broken down and defeated
again and again

don't know where intrusive worries began
see myself diving out of the van
breaks ripped out noelle screams
another fucked up day dream
again and again

a headache still breathing
wish I was in bed sleeping
stone eyed still breathing
another fucked up weekend

and I know these first world complaints
are just a waste of time
but I keep dragging baggage
filled with nickels and dimes (its the last time)
if I could quit counting mistakes
may id get some piece of mind (but in the mean time)
the more I seem to look the harder it becomes to find

maybe itll work itself out
burn up these burdens stop living with doubt
chalk it up to a phase let these feelings decay
keep on bitching and moaning for now
Track Name: Wendy Pefferkorn
lost track of the months, don't know where my days end and begin
the seasons change, a cluttered mind doesn't seem to comprehend
another circus act, consumed with what i lack
my brain goes in to a tail spin
so I...

hit the lights, kiss the floor
fall apart, wind up at my front door
fall down, fall in love
wake up go to work again

sleepless nights feeling like I'm being pinned
a hypothetical situation I'll never wind up in
a stack of worried reminisces, just amplify apprehensions
so I...

I always seem to forget what brings me down
again and again and again and again...
Track Name: Sucks to Suck
cornered by careless questions hows the day to day?
Do you still have the same job how much are you getting paid?
Someone might have told me you were moving out next may
to abandon shallow friendships that root you in this place

yeah im packing up my fears and putting them in boxes
counting up mistakes and weighing out my options
and it doesnt seem far fetched that theres life outside this coast
where the street signs arent the same and friends dont look like ghost

well I guess you seem happy at least thats what you sell
eyes glazed through a shot glass reciting that story you tell
I remember you declaring you were moving to the hills
to escape all these downtowns and voids you cannot fill

its a shame we have to lie exchanging more excuses
compensate for one another this drunken banters useless
and I know it isnt right but ill join in the game
leaving self respect at the door cuz I know youll do the same

octobers past and the leaves go dry
bending backwards trying to find my spine
where the hell did another year go?
Running ragged running out of time
still standing in a fucking line
a burnt out memory of who used to be
its not me

passing out waking up
peel my eyelids back to self destruct
Track Name: Strangerguy69
more free advice ive heard it all before
the lights burnt out as I close the door and bolt the lock
a condescending smirk from a worn out collared shirt
talkin lots of nonsense about how you got it figured

and I dont even know your name
but your fucking up my day
your fucking up my day

spare the bullshit and let me be
I need some fresh air so I can finally breathe

so you got the answers let me get this straight
ill humor your lies even try to relate just for fun
another cliché phrase you use to get through the days
does keeping strangers please put your mind at ease?

I can finally breathe I can finally breathe
Track Name: 717 Orange Ave.
these late nights always end up the same
forget why I try forget why I came
wish youd leave space for me to sleep
on this couch kissed you good night but youre already passed

sit on this porch till the lights go out
ride home alone but my doubt
staring down ugly dead end roads
im bent out of shape and the liquor stores closed

lost night on 717 orange avenue
id wait here all night if you asked me to
bottoms up right now cuz ive got too much to lose
asked you a question and I hope you told me the truth

youre so nice when you drink
to let me think I had a chance in hell
I bend over backwards not to make things awkward
and end up fucking myself
Track Name: Shameover
staring out the window in hopes for a better view
the ugly truth behind the jokes have come unglued
the rights words elude my mind and cant travel to my lips
if I strung them all together would you even give a shit?

Still days left in this van this highways at a dead end
replaying events leaves me lost inside my head
self medicate to pass the time its all that I can do
scratch these words on a piece of paper
and start from somewhere new

a phone call shakes me awake
and the voice on the other end reminds me of a mistake
im so sorry wont do the trick
the feeling in my gut makes me so fucking sick

talkin to myself again
trying to make sense of this rut my heads in
and the morning is so far away
when my thoughts leave me wide awake
its gotta change
Track Name: Imaginary Girlfriend
I know shes the one shows up at my doorstep drunk
I think im in love
she wants to hangout and talk about records all day
I tell her my problems she tells me im lame
cuz shed rather stay at home all night
leave the bar life for the hopefuls and keep me by her side

but the only problem is...she exists in my head

shes on my mind but shes not real
how will my friends feel about the girlfriend in my head?

And its so great she love LH and The Muffs
I tell her I dont care she always calls my bluff
cuz I know that shes jaded like the rest
when I say im an asshole she says typical t best
Track Name: Wasted Ambition
a sigh of relief the summer is coming
nomadic release still searching for something
from everything that keeps me tied down
these telephone lines and routines that ive found
learn how to cope with a song and a smoke
a strange occurrence my heads filled with hope

it doesnt take much to feel alive again
wasted ambition and time well spent
burn up the days on scolding concrete
if the engine is running we dont need to sleep

a high now im coming down
pull of this exit heading back in to town
our bodies worn bagged eyelids expose it
keeps me sane but just for a moment
turn back the clock recollecting my thoughts
of late nights spent in damp parking lots
Track Name: 25 years
upside of down trippin over your feet
and the bruises on your self esteem feel like swimming in concrete
mediocritys an ailment you cannot keep at bay
and cringing at your fucking ups makes you sleep right through the day
you gotta throw it away

you can drive yourself up a wall by picking at the scabs
your mind flys off a fucking cliff at the thought of more demands
uncertainty clouds the air and all you see is smoke
its that voice inside your head saying your lifes a fucking joke
25 years spent burning the candle at both ends
but you know some nights it bares a desperate glowing light
that makes us all give in
Track Name: Sleep Talking
talking in your sleep it dont mean nothing
im wide away to keep this moment from slipping
alarms about to screech and im not ready to let go

and I just wanna hear you say tonight
you just wanna be with me
and quit the arguing and bullshitting
change our routines consistency
and I just wanna know youll stay tonight
not walk away from me
im sorry for being an asshole I just dont get it
whatever I said lets just forget it tonight

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