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Emotionally Unavailable

by Rational Anthem

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A pleasure meeting as were both leaving another good time but days are fleeting its like you slip through my arms just in time highway signs and county lines im buying time youre collecting miles but i bet youre landing right on your fucking feet i try to keep composure when you ask me to hang out but stupid words just spill right out my mouth its just not knowing how this is going creates an anxious sense of loathing its just a lack of knowing how to communicate an image sits in the back of my head a moment thats dead but i wanna relive it its being stuck in the right place at the wrong time cant figure you...
dont wanna waste another day thinking about you dont wanna be staring at the clock waiting on you just wanna be able to get by not have to pretend to fuckin lie dont wanna give you another second of my time now im right back at square one tell myself thats not where i belong im better than this but in the end its fucking useless cuz youre reeling me in youre leading me on dont know what youre trying to prove by dragging me along ill avoid your eyes theres something there that i despise tell myself im through with having anything more to do with you your not saying what you mean please say what you mean to say dont want anything more to do with you
i see your face i hit the snooze sleep right through the afternoon drag my feet across the floor ask myself what i do this for maybe i try too hard im desperate name a reason ive thought of it i get lose inside my mind just to pass the time another boring story so ill leave it all behind spending more time in my room mountain dews and a photo of you still waiting wondering why you never said goodbye maybe i aim to high and miss the mark burning bridges without a spark hope starts to dissolve when your past has no resolve another boring story so ill leave it all behind i saw all of the warnings but i ignored all the signs from my fingers to my head my bloods still pumpin but my brain is dead its those things you never said that make me wish we never met
Replaying the argument and words she said try to go back to sleep put the sheets over my head suffocate in to my pillow sink further in to my bed holding my ears tighter try to muffle out the sound my temples start to swell and my head begins to pound try to tie up ugly loose ends perpetually unwound staying quietly bitter and burnt out all the time and i cant convince myself that im happy as i count up the ways i take everything i have for granted does it matter anyway?...
Latch Key 01:50
teeth are clenched trying to trick my mind to place me in a dreamlike state where i still feel alive a dirty laundry list of petty grievances empty houses on empty streets and im still a latch key kid i could ramble on for days walking streets unpaved looking in another direction its just dead ends and one ways been called an asshole been called a friend so goddamn self loathing but at least its honest yeah im hotheaded boiling to the point of red what i mean to say is im sorry for how ive been this is how im saying sorry again
head in your hands you couldnt stand to watch her go your voice starts to shake but you wont let it show now youre tired and alone stuck in bed at home if you never fucking tried then youd never fucking know and its all those things i say that kept you running away and its all those things you do that kept me chasing you looking for answers i know ill never find if hindsights 20/20 why am i still walking blind couldnt remember why you picked up that phone mixing too many drinks with a long drive home if you controlled those anxious thoughts youd bring them to a stop try to push the right words out but your tongues tied in knots still walking i cant see i think you got the best of me
an incoming call the screen glows so i contemplate do i ingore and shut the lights off or do i reciprocate the same dull situation its getting old and its getting late whats the point in pretending ill go when i know this couch is where ill stay i may ablige to humor my own mind but ill still be a no call no show let me tell you bout the last place i went go too drunk made new fake friends dragged out the night to avoid the sunrise belly up just one more shot take a right well avoid the cops this nights not through til we all lose our fucking minds that well never find in time
apartment walls breathe in and out i stare at paper and talk out loud in hopes to find some clarity of mind get out of my head and walk outside attempt to regain some sense of pride though i think what ill find will be the same im making the grades and clocking in with my foot in my mouth i dont make sense waiting for summer heat to take me away put on coffee and ignore calls finding new ways to sit and stall ill waste every goddamn minute of this day you can take it all back and keep the change i got little left to lose and nothing left to gain im a thousand different people depending on the place a procrastinating delusion that were keeping up the pace im the never fleeting thought of how i dont know when to quit a pessimistic version of a half ass accomplishment


"Poppy on the clean and crisp side, with a lot of backing harmonies and a fun sound that counters what is generally a lost at sea mindset. In other words, it’s Midwest-influenced pop-punk that would fit great on a comp with bands like Dear Landlord, The Copyrights, [and] The Dopamines. 9/10" - Scene Point Blank


released June 1, 2014


all rights reserved



Rational Anthem Iowa City, Iowa

Pop Punk born in Florida, Midwest living.

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