Emotionally Unavailable (2014)

by Rational Anthem



Here are 3 tracks off of our new record that's coming out summer of 2014, on Bloated Kat Records. They're whiny and sad and fun and sad. Get your pop punk on.


released 01 June 2014



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Track Name: Lloyd Christmas
a pleasure meeting as were both leaving
another good time but days are fleeting
its like you slip right through my arms just in time
highway signs and county lines im biding time
youre collecting miles
but i bet youre landing right on your fucking feet

i try to keep composure when you ask me to hangout
but stupid words just spill right out my mouth

its just not knowing how this is going
creates an anxious sense of loathing
its just a lack of knowing how to communicate
an image sits in the back of my head
a moment thats dead but i wanna relive it
its being stuck in the right place at the wrong time

cant figure you out cant figure you out...
Track Name: I Wish I Could Be Happy
Replaying the argument and words she said
try to go back to sleep put the sheets over my head
suffocate in to my pillow sink further in to my bed

holding my ears tighter try to muffle out the sound
my temples start to swell and my head begins to pound
try to tie up ugly loose ends perpetually unwound
staying quietly bitter and burnt out all the time

and i cant convince myself that im happy
as i count up the ways
i take everything i have for granted

does it matter anyway?...
Track Name: Walking Blind
head in your hands you couldnt stand to watch her go
your voice starts to shake but you wont let it show
now youre tired and alone stuck in bed at home
if you never fucking tried then youd never fucking know

and its all those things i say that kept you running away
and its all those things you do that kept me chasing you

looking for answers i know ill never find
if hindsights 20/20 why am i still walking blind

couldnt remember why you picked up that phone
mixing too many drinks with a long drive home
if you controlled those anxious thoughts youd bring them to a stop
try to push the right words out but your tongues tied in knots

still walking i cant see i think you got the best of me